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Западная Европа, XVI век / Western Europe, 16th century

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Feb. 28th, 2019 | 02:29 pm

Коричневый кожаный джеркин. XVI век, из музея Лондона.

Верх - оленья кожа растительного дубления (2 мм).
Подкладка - козья кожа растительного дубления (1.2 мм).

Изготовлен полностью вручную.

Brown leather jerkin, decorated with rows of hearts and stars pinked between lines of scoring. Based on 16th century example (1560), Museum of London. From «Patterns of fashion. The cut and construction of clothes for men and women c1560-1620», Janet Arnold.

Unlined body and collar. The skirts and wings are lined.

Upper - vegetable tanned deer leather (2 mm).
Lining - vegetable tanned goat leather (1.2 mm).

Fully hand stitched and perforated.

leather jerkin 16th век century

leather jerkin 16th век century

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